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10 Popular Romantic Travel Destinations

Everyone’s been to Paris hoping to be romantic.

For young romantic couples looking for a romantic travel destination that oozes romance and love – there are other great places to explore.

Don’t worry! France is still on the list, just not Paris. Here are some of the most popular romantic travel destinations:


1.  French Island of Corsica

This beautiful island is just off the coasts of France and Italy. The island boasts of mountains, steep-walled bays with stone cliffs rising up over the seas.

French Island of Corsica - Erika's Travel Tips
French Island of Corsica


2.  Santorini, Greece

Overrun by tourists but its iconic architecture retains its magic even with the crowds. Hotels high up on the cliffs overlook the Aegean Sea provide a beautiful atmosphere.

Santorini, Greece - Erika's Travel Tips
Santorini, Greece


3.  Venice, Italy

Everyone, be it young couples or old, should take the time to visit and experience this beautiful city with its canal rides and gondolas and ancient bridges with centuries’ old history. It has enough romance to spark some in your life, too.

Venice, Italy - Erika's Travel Tips
Venice, Italy


4.  Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Situated in Alberta, Canada it can proudly boast of being the most scenic place on earth. Once you go there, you won’t want to come back.

Fairmont Lake Louise, Canada - Erika's Travel Tips
Fairmont Lake Louise, Canada



5.  Florence, Italy

Not only romantic, this city has a special place reserved in the history books for being the most beautiful city on Earth.

Florence, Italy - Erika's Travel Tips
Florence, Italy


6.  Nassau, Bahamas

You can go for an underwater adventure here, famous for its pink sand and turquoise waters.

Nassau, Bahamas - Erika's Travel Tips
Nassau, Bahamas



7.  Chachopoyas, Peru

Take a walk in the clouds in Chachopoyas in the Andean foothills in Northeast Peru.

Andean Foothills, Peru - Erika's Travel Tips
Andean Foothills, Peru


8.  Tahiti

Deep valleys and tall waterfalls make it a picture perfect place to visit.

Tahiti - Erika's Travel Tips


9.  Kauai

Experience the tropical splendor of Kauai, Hawaii perfect for lovebirds.

Kauai - Erika's Travel Tips


10. Bora Bora

Watch tropical fish swim below you from the glass floor panels in the overwater bungalows.


Bora Bora - Erika's Travel Tips
Bora Bora