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10 Snowboarding Tips for First-Timers

Snowboarding Tips - Erika's Travel Tips

Snowboarding is about as much fun as you can have in moon boots.

That said, unless you’re a seasoned thrill seeker, jumping on a plank and letting loose on the snow can be frightening. The good news is that a few handy tips can definitely help.

Read on to find out how to get the most out of your first time.

 1/ Dress for success

Snowboarding Tips 2 - Erika's Travel Tips
Dress appropriately for the slopes.

You’ll need thermals for warmth, waterproof outer layers to keep you dry, gloves, a sturdy helmet and goggles. Oh, and if you don’t want to spend the whole time chasing your board down the mountain, attach it to your good self with a leash.

2/ Choose the right board

Snowboarding Tips 3 - Erika's Travel Tips
The right board will make things easier

If you’re too tall, short, thin, fat or muscly for your board, you’re going to struggle. Make sure that yours is approximately the same height as your nose.

3/ Put your best foot forward

Snowboarding Tips 4 - Erika's Travel Tips

Stand on your feet. Ask someone to give you a (reasonably) good push from behind. Which foot did you use to step forward? That’s the one you should lead with.

4/ Tie yourself up

Snowboarding Tips 5 - Erika's Travel Tips
Make sure your bindings are a good fit and you know how to work them.

Well, not yourself, exactly, but your feet. Before going on the snow, try out your bindings. Your foot should be snug and firm, yet flexible.

5/ Put the pressure on

Snowboarding Tips 6 - Erika's Travel Tips
A little pressure on the front foot and you’re on your way down the slope.


Once you’re well-equipped and well-dressed, you’re ready to hit the slopes.

To get moving downhill, you’ll need to put a little pressure on your front foot.

6/ Bend your knees

Snowboarding Tips 7 - Erika's Travel Tips
Flex your knees to keep your balance centred over the board

As soon as you’re on the move, bend your knees a little, for balance, but at the same time, keep your back straight.

It’ll feel slightly strange at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

7/ Know how to stop

Snowboarding Tips 8 - Erika's Travel Tips
Stopping takes practice


Racing down the mountain, out-of-control, isn’t fun. To stop, turn your board perpendicular to the mountain and lean backwards, with both your feet and back.

8/ Take a lesson

Snowboarding Tips 9 - Erika's Travel Tips
Get a lesson

No amount of guesswork can substitute for an experienced teacher.

9/ Have fun

Snowboarding Tips 10 - Erika's Travel Tips
Have fun – remember even when it hurts – it’s still better than being at work 🙂

Even if you fall over, several times, try not to get frustrated.

Look around you; enjoy the scenery; don’t forget to laugh.

10/ Don’t give up!

Snowboarding Tips 11 - Erika's Travel Tips
The first day is the hardest


It takes time to learn to snowboard.

Be kind to yourself.