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5 Exciting Cities to Visit in Europe

5 Exciting Cities to Visit in Europe - Erika's Travel Tips

Europe is a veritable smorgasboard of exciting cities and towns.

Whether you’re after ancient ruins, famous artworks, parks landscaped by kings and queens, live music or interesting dining adventures, you’re bound to find them.

Read on to find out all five of the continent’s most compelling cities.



Paris - Erika's Travel Tips


Sure, Paris might make the top of many a traveller’s itinerary. But there’s good reason for that. First of all, you can’t really say you’ve experienced Europe unless you’ve stood atop the Eiffel Tower and gazed out over one of the planet’s most romantic cities. Try to do it in the evening, as the sun is going down and the lights are coming on. What’s more, you can eat croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast without feeling guilty.




London - Erika's Travel Tips

London really does have it all. Where else can you see a piece of the Parthenon in the morning (at the British Museum), hang outside Buckingham Palace all afternoon and catch some of the best theatre in the world by evening?




Rome - Erika's Travel Tips


Visiting Rome is like travelling backwards through time. Every single corner reveals another piece of ancient heritage. Stand inside the Colosseum, marvel at the architectural genius of the Pantheon and ponder how Michelangelo ever managed to complete that masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Follow it all up with fine wine, hand-rolled pasta and boutique gelato.




Berlin - Erika's Travel Tips


For colour, vibrancy and a thriving cultural scene, it’s difficult to beat Berlin. Combining both Eastern and Western influences, it’s a hotbed for art, live music and rebellious ideas. Art isn’t confined to staid art galleries or white cubes – every where’s a canvas, from houses to public facilities.




Barcelona - Erika's Travel Tips

For a relaxed yet colourful experience, make your way to Barcelona. The weather’s good and the people know how to party. Plus it’s perfectly acceptable to indulgent in a siesta. In fact, you’re expected to recharge your batteries so you can handle the evening’s excitement!