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5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance - Erika's Travel Tips

Travel insurance is one of those things that people sometimes leave until the last minute.

The reality is that if you can’t afford travel insurance – you can’t afford to travel.

As the numbers of people travelling increase, the risks of travel are on the increase, as well.

Travellers often worry about the cost of travel insurance – especially after already stretching the budget for that uber-nice hotel. But if you shop around – you can still get a great policy without breaking the bank.

Here’s 5 reasons you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance:

  • Emergency medical treatment. Travel insurance will ensure that if anything happens to you, you get the right treatment wherever you are, even if it is another country. This doesn’t just include treatment in a hospital. Travel insurance also includes getting a helicopter, air ambulance, or sea rescue if you are stranded somewhere.
  • Emergency medical assistance. Repatriation, included in this, ensures that after your treatment you are moved safely back to your home country with a medical assistant.
  • Personal liability provides cover in the event that you injure a third party or damage their property, although there is often exclusion for liability arising from the use of a vehicle or by an animal under your control, such as a horse or dog.
  • Personal accident is usually a relatively small amount of life cover if you die or permanent disability cover in the event of you being seriously injured such as loss of a limb or being permanently blinded.
  • Personal baggage and belongings can be insured up to a limit. If for instance, your baggage is misplaced or lost, travel insurance will see to the fact that it is covered along with your money.


You simply can not afford NOT to have travel insurance.

Of course – always check the details of the policies as many of them won’t cover things like skiing / snowboarding without an extra fee, and most won’t cover you whilst engaged in “professional activities”.

When shopping around – don’t forget to check the prices and details on annual policies, as these are often better value.