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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day - Erika's Travel Tips

Valentine’s Day is always fraught with danger. What to do? What to buy? Where to go?

Never fear – here’s 5 perfect ideas to keep you out of the dog house!



There is a high number of shopaholics out there, who would definitely appreciate an LV or Versace bag that they’ve had their eyes on. Try going for a limited edition item as it holds more value for women. Similarly, men who are sporty would like the latest sneakers or loafers.



They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but if you’re running low on budget, there are several other gorgeous gemstones that could replace a diamond. Buy her a ring or bracelet with an emerald or aquamarine. For men, there are chains and rings with birth stones that can make great Valentine’s Day presents.


Breakfast in Bed

Most of us like to be pampered every once in a while. What better way to pamper your partner than by a breakfast in bed. Making prior arrangements in ensuring that the breakfast is indeed special, can help after a rough night in bed.


A Special Date

A special date with the right woman, on Valentine’s Day can go a long way. Take her out for dinner to her favorite restaurant or somewhere else special. You could make the evening more special by a candle lit dinner and having her favorite tune played live. Be well equipped with flowers, roses in particular. Make sure the ambience of the restaurant is romantic, although most restaurants have special arrangements for couple on the 14th of Feb.


Spend the Night in a Hotel

Follow up a special date with a romantic night in a special room at a hotel. This is by far the best way to pamper your partner on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a spa or massage the following day with your partner to make your relationship even more special.