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7 Couchsurfing Do’s and Don’ts

Couchsurfing - Erika's Travel Tips

Couchsurfing is a great way to save money and get to know the locals while travelling.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts to ensure your couchsurfing experience is a success.


DO: Keep clean

If someone has been kind enough to let you use their living space, the golden rule is to keep it clean. The cooking area, bathroom, and couch area needs to be as you found it at all times. Keeping your personal hygiene up is a plus too!

DON’T: Lie in

Just because someone has betrothed their couch to you, does not mean you can lay on it all day long. If you’re prone to sleeping in ’til noon, try and rouse yourself a little earlier and give people their living space back – unless they have specified otherwise.

DO: Communicate

If you’re planning on coming back late, cooking an elaborate meal, or bringing a guest back, you must communicate this in advance. Similarly if your host is making life uncomfortable for you let them know as soon as possible so that you can resolve the issue.

DON’T: Outstay your welcome

Agree on a time-span for your stay, and stick to it. If you want an extension make sure you ask well in advance and don’t surprise your host with the question on the day you arranged to leave. Even if it’s a good friend, outstaying your welcome can cause tensions.

DO: Respect house rules

While staying under someone else’s roof, their rules apply. ALWAYS respect religious and cultural practice in the house and keep your political disagreements to yourself.

DO: Do favours

A box of chocolate, a round of washing up, or giving the dog a walk is a great way to say thanks to your host.

DON’T: Invite groups of people back

If you want to bring a guest to the house, you must always ask in advance and graciously accept no as an answer. However, asking to bring a big group of friends over is bad form entirely.